Children in hospitals and clinics, children need more than words to help them understand their medical conditions and the treatments they undergo. A Patient Puppet can be a friend to calm the concerns of your young patients.

In crisis situations, Patient Puppets can be that special friend with whom the child can share fears and anxieties. Patient Puppets simplify and reinforce the information you wish to communicate. The puppets help to reduce the fears of children, lessen their anxieties and encourage expression of their feelings.

Our hospital equipment and uniforms have been designed for medical play in playrooms and clinics. We have designed hospital beds, examination tables, scanners and support equipment that are the perfect size for patient puppets as well as dolls and teddy bears. Our hospital uniforms are child size and designed so the children can role play as doctors or nurses. The authentic looking hospital equipment and uniforms encourage the children to be more comfortable with the hospital environment.

Over 100 medically correct adaptations available.

We are always interested in designing new features to meet your needs.

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