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patient puppets is about caring for and educating children who are experiencing medical or crisis intervention. Our puppets are used by child life specialists, recreational therapists, nurses, doctors, social workers and counsellors to provide information, support and reassurance to children.

patient puppets, inc. has manufactured and distributed over 2000 of our special friends, world wide, since 1982. Initially developed and designed in conjunction with the Child Life Department of Winnipeg's Children's Hospital; Manitoba, Canada our list of adaptations has grown to meet the needs of our customers. To date we have over 100 adaptations available and are always interested in designing new features to meet your needs.

patient puppets have the same illness as the child; they can act as a role model to demonstrate the medical procedures. Strategically placed openings in the puppet's velour exterior reveal internal features. Children understand what you are telling them because they can actually see the procedures performed on the puppets while the soft foam construction and friendly appearance provide for calming hugs.

Children in hospitals and clinics, children need more than words to help them understand their medical conditions and the treatments they undergo. A Patient Puppet can be a friend to calm the concerns of your young patients.

In crisis situations, Patient Puppets can be that special friend with whom the child can share fears and anxieties. Patient Puppets simplify and reinforce the information you wish to communicate. The puppets help to reduce the fears of children, lessen their anxieties and encourage expression of their feelings.

Our hospital equipment and uniforms have been designed for medical play in playrooms and clinics. We have designed hospital beds, examination tables, scanners and support equipment that are the perfect size for patient puppets as well as dolls and teddy bears. Our hospital uniforms are child size and designed so the children can role play as doctors or nurses. The authentic looking hospital equipment and uniforms encourage the children to be more comfortable with the hospital environment.

Over 100 medically correct adaptations available.

Over 100 medically correct adaptations available.

Each Patient puppet is custom made to order.

Our Hospital equipment provides a realistic environment for medical play

patient puppets are: 


  •  child-sized 82cm / 32" tall or 64 cm / 25” doll 

  •  anatomically correct

  •  custom made to your specifications

  •  durable

  •  hand sewn, double stitched

  •  made of soft fabric and foam

  •  treated with fabric protector

       - easy to wipe clean

       - can be sprayed with a sports spray to disinfect 

  •  tested and proven effective

patient puppets have: 


  • over 100 medically correct adaptations available

  • a bed/storage box

  • street clothing or hospital gown

  • storage pocket on the back of leg for removable items

  • an instruction booklet

  • a guarantee of quality, hand-crafted construction

We are always interested in designing new features to meet your needs.

While some puppets are purchased through the hospital operating budget, many are donated by parents, service clubs and hospital auxiliaries. Your puppet can be named in memory of someone special or in honor of a donor.

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